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It’s our hospital—and it’s their home.

Click on the video and you're introduced to Margery Littley, who lives in Residential Care at SPH, and her daughter Nancy Nagy, long-time residents of the Saanich Peninsula and Honourary Chairs of this year's fundraising campaign. In the short, 3 1/2 minute video, you'll also hear from Jennifer Wear, RN, Saanich Peninsula Hospital Residential Care, who speaks about current programs that are in place and the importance of sensory programs to elders. And you'll meet Paul Hames, Board President of the Foundation, who reminds us "It is our hospital, but it is their home."
The outdoors, art, music literature, the things that make life rich remain the same, regardless of age. All are essential contributors to a person's happiness and well-being. Engaging the people who call Saanich Peninsula Hospital home in these lifelong passions can make a profound difference in their quality of life, everyday.
Our goal for this year's campaign is to raise $2 million for the Residential Care Unit. Your donation will help us to support new art, music and horticulture therapy programs, revitalize the Library and provide personalized equipment for each resident in our Care Unit to continue enjoying the passions they love.

Please donate and help us reach our goal.