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Find out why these Star War characters are dancing for joy!
We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Saanich Peninsula Hospital’s new CT Scanner – The Force! 

The result of our 2013 annual fundraising campaign, this innovative machine was made possible by incredible generosity of the community. However, as we delve further into 2016, many donors were puzzled and asking, “Why has it taken so long?”

The short story is that this machine was part of a group purchase, and it took some time to get all of that organized and the prices negotiated. That being said, it will be the first of its kind to be installed on the Island and the second of these new machines in Canada.  The purchase of The Force had to be approved by Shared Services BC, the provincial government’s purchasing authority for all of the health authorities in the province.  While it was a long process, Dr. John Mathieson, the Head of Medical Imaging (Physician Services) is always conscious that he’s working with donor dollars and he worked hard to get the best machine for the best price.

The machine is special because is it state-of-the-art, which means better imaging and much lower radiation dosages than earlier machines.  It will also allow more diagnostic tests (particularly cardiac) to be done at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital.

Over the years, we’ve come to see that residents of the Saanich Peninsula feel a great sense of ownership of their hospital and support it so generously.  It’s humbling, not just for the staff of the Foundation, but for the staff and doctors in the hospital.  We all feel supported, encouraged and valued by the community. 

And we can’t say thank you enough. 

As our machine makes its journey from Germany to our fair peninsula, we will be releasing a video each Wednesday to educate people of the peninsula about the CT Scanner and its capabilities, as well as about the donors who made this possible, and the patients whose lives have been forever changed by this technology.

You can follow this series of videos here, by visiting our Facebook page, or stop by our YouTube.