Audited Financial Statements

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” — Audrey Hepburn­­­

Here at Saanich Peninsula Hospital, we certainly do.

In order to provide leading edge healthcare for our community, you have to dig in and plant seeds. And we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty! Below are highlights from our most recent financial statements, which we invite you to compare with other charities. You can do this by going to the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.


2015-2016 financial statements

Donations: $4,271,274
Events: $96,247
Investment & rental income, memberships: $269,669
Total revenue: $4,637,190
Total expenses: $504,566
Total expenses as a % of revenue: 10.9%
Total transfers to SPH: $1,823,181
Total funds invested at year-end: $12,077,688
While we worked hard to raise funds for our hospital,

we also helped in other ways…

We provided continuing support to Palliative Care, Acute Care and Extended Care staff, as well as volunteers, to attend additional training and local conferences to further their knowledge and skill sets. In addition, we administered a small education support program for staff to expand their on-the-job abilities.

We held staff and volunteer appreciation events, to let them know how much we value both their skills and their caring attitude.

Funds Spent – 2015-2016 fiscal year:

* This program, which benefits the patients and the families in Palliative Care, Residential Care and South Unit, is made entirely possible through the generous contributions of our donors.

** Because of the timing of certain projects, expenses are spread over two or more years; however, funds raised for specific projects are reserved for those purposes and not expended in any other area of the hospital.

Expenses – 2015-2016 fiscal year:

We keep our management and administrative expenses low so more of your donation goes straight to work supporting quality healthcare on the Saanich Peninsula

This summary is not meant to replace our audited financial statements, which are available by download below or by calling 250-652-7531.

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