Efficiency and Effectiveness are our Watchwords

Our small staff works hard to make the best use of your contributions, because they are gifts (in the truest sense of the word) in support of better community healthcare.

To the right are highlights from our most recent financial statements, which we invite you to compare with other charities. You can do this by going to the Canada Revenue Agency’s charities listings.

Highlights from the

2019-20 financial statements:

Donations – $2,421,875
Events – $78,390
Investment, rental income and other – ($285,763)
Total Revenue – $2,214,502
Total Grants to SPH – $2,299,491
Total Grants to Shoreline Medical Society – $1,216,147
Total Overhead Expenses – $867,219
Expenses as a % of revenue – 39%
Total Funds invested at year-end – $12,719,066

Donor Support made all the difference this year

We launched our campaign to raise funds for the SPH Long-term Care, to complete the Memory Garden, for upgrades and renovations, and to expand and enhance our therapy programs. Part way into the campaign we were faced with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked ourselves “what do we do next?” Staff pivoted quickly and developed an Emergency Response Fund and appeal. We were truly moved as so many in the community supported it. As a result, the Foundation was able to respond quickly to needs as they arose – at SPH, at Shoreline and at the Mount Newton Centre equipment loan cupboard.

  • Vital equipment like infrared thermometers and a hand-held, easily sanitized ultrasound for the Emergency Room that is custom-designed to help diagnose COVID-19;
  • Funding for temporary self-isolation housing for clinic staff who may have been exposed to COVID-19;
  • Critical supplies like an emergency supply of protective masks, plus face shields, isolation carts, spray bottles for sanitizer, and change tents for healthcare workers;
  • Staff time to organize virtual and window visits for the hospital’s isolated patients, plus the needed materials to make these happen like computer tablets, phones, outdoor awnings and platforms;
  • Items to help our frontline heroes like “Cinch” bags for their scrubs, water bottles, and treats;
  • Fold-up beds for Mount Newton Seniors Centre;
  • Purchasing two new Stryker systems for our Operating Rooms;
  • Replacing beds, overbed tables and bedside tables in our Long-term Care Unit to make residents more comfortable;
  • Supporting music and other therapies in Long-term Care to ensure that residents have quality of life pursuing meaningful activities;
  • Sending our hospital staff back to school: thanks in part to a new endowment fund, the Foundation was able to provide more than $80,000 in bursaries and scholarships for hospital staff to take courses, train with experts and pursue their dreams of upgrading to a new healthcare profession.;
While we worked hard to raise funds for our hospital,

we also helped in other ways…

We provided continuing support to Palliative Care, Acute Care and Extended Care staff, as well as volunteers, to attend additional training and local conferences to further their knowledge and skill sets. 

We held staff and volunteer appreciation events, to let them know how much we value both their skills and their caring attitude.

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