Our Past Campaigns

Our donors make a difference to our hospital
and our community!

In the over 33 years that the Foundation has existed, you, along with your friends and neighbours, have supported us year after year in helping to provide the funds to do amazing things at our hospital! Here are a few of the accomplishments from the past five years.

2014 Annual Campaign
Germs won’t stand a chance…with your help.

Fundraising Goal: $3,000,000.00

Together we reached our $3 million fundraising goal for the design and construction of a state-of-the-art Sterilization Department to accompany our newly constructed Operating Rooms!  This keeps our hospital functioning within the most advanced levels of Infection Control; raising our standards to twenty-first century requirements. It took a few years for completion of this project and in June of 2018, donors had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a tour of our hospital’s new Sterilization Unit (or Medical Device Reprocessing Department, its formal name).

But wait there’s more…. Did you know…

In 2012 donors provided $5.2 million of the cost to construct, complete and equip three new state-of-the-art operating rooms. In 2014, donors contributed to the renovations of the old operating rooms to create the Trevor Deeley pre-and post-op area. And in 2018, together we completed the Hat Trick with the completion of the MDRD. The MDRD has the most modern equipment and facilities to serve our SPH operating rooms.

2015 Annual Campaign
Stress is for daytime soaps not daytime surgery

Fundraising Goal: $2,000,000.00

For small hospitals like ours, day surgery is key to acute care treatment. That’s why in 2015-16 together we raised $2 million for a much-needed larger, custom-designed space to accommodate the 1,500 surgical procedures and 780 medical procedures that are routinely undertaken each year at our hospital. Roughly 2,280 patients go through surgical daycare every year at SPH.

We took the current three rooms and built one dedicated, state-of-the-art Day Surgery Unit that includes a waiting room, storage and a medication room overseen by a leading-edge nursing station with space for computers and other modern management tools.

2016 Annual Campaign
Extended Care Unit Programs & Equipment Fundraising

Fundraising Goal: $2,000,000.00

In 2016 your generous donations helped support new art, music and horticulture therapy programs, revitalize the Extended Care Unit’s Library, and provide personalized equipment for each resident to continue enjoying the passions they love. We purchased new instruments for the music therapy program, and dolls and robotic cats for the Love and Comfort therapy program.

Thanks to you, the residents feel more at home, with better walkways and equipment to help with mobility and family stays. We were able to refurbish the family visiting room, replaced many worn-out pieces of equipment in Extended Care and completed the renovation of two Palliative Care rooms. Many donors were able to see these beautiful changes to the “Rose Ruse” Room (named for the founding President of the Auxiliary to SPH) at our annual donor tea. The “Garden” Room also neared completion in 2017 and today is now equally beautiful, with a little patio onto which a hospital bed can be wheeled, so that even at the end of life, nature can be enjoyed.

2017 Annual Campaign
It’s more than what donations buy, it’s what donations do. Your donation will help us do more for our patients, staff and community.

Fundraising Goal: $2,000,000.00

Together we were able to reach our goal of $2 million to support important modernizations of our hospital. Our hospital is at the heart of our community, and it’s a facility that all residents can rely on.

We focused on the Palliative Care Unit as it needed refurbishing; it had been 14 years since the unit was created and it’s a much-respected part of the hospital. Thanks to you, we “refreshed” the area by replacing some aging furnishings and equipment.

Through the support of our generous donors, we were able to give almost $500,000 towards the purchase of a new echocardiogram machine and the new computerized medication cabinet for ER. The computerized medication cabinet for the Emergency Room helps ensure that in a busy ER, medications stay secure and available.

Many donors had noticed that nothing had changed in the outpatient Lab for 20 years or more. Planning began to modernize it, and in the process, create space for the new echocardiogram machine.

We also completed the renovation of the two “tub” rooms in Residential Care and purchased some beds and other small equipment. We continued design work on the “memory” garden so that residents with dementia would have an additional, important activity to reduce stress (and in many cases, reduce the need for medication).

Your donations don’t just build facilities and buy equipment, they change lives. That’s why we, along with help from the Saanich Peninsula Hospital Auxiliary, replaced the bus for Extended Care residents. This now gives them access to programs available to them in the community at Panorama Recreation Centre and McTavish Academy of Art.

The bus was delivered in June, 2019. As you can notice in the photo, its debut was as the Foundation float in the annual Sidney Canada Day parade!

2018 Primary Care Campaign
Imagine not having a family doctor. Like you, we’re worried. But we have a plan. Help us make Primary Care available to all.

Fundraising Goal: $2,000,000.00

The shortage of physicians has been a key problem for SPH, but the problem is bigger than our wonderful hospital. Its impact is felt throughout the community, within our families and in local businesses as they try to recruit staff. Access to health care is a critical part of building a livable community.

This campaign was the culmination of years of hard work and community engagement.


Donors identified physician shortages as the greatest healthcare problem faced in our community. Because it also affected our hospital, the Foundation wanted to be part of the solution. We answered the need for hospital physicians. We worked with a visionary donor and as a result of this campaign, we implemented a two year experiment that brought doctors back to hospital service through providing a small payment over and above their billings. The experiment also supported bringing new physician recruits to practice on the peninsula.


The year was one of profound change for the Foundation. We regularly had been receiving calls from members of the community who were desperate to find a doctor. And we realized that we needed to help, not just for the health of the community, but for the future of the hospital. With the hospital having a rural-based practice model, a physician shortage in the community meant a physician shortage at SPH.

First, we changed our name to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital & Healthcare Foundation. Second, we built a partnership with the Shoreline Medical Society, also a charity that has developed a new model of care and a primary healthcare network, working to have a network of three sites on the peninsula under the name of “Shoreline Medical”.


The goal? To raise $2 million for the partnership with the Shoreline Medical Society  for renovations, equipment purchase and other start-up costs associated with both Shoreline Medical current locations in Sidney and Brentwood, plus locate a third clinic for the network at or near the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach this goal!


Thanks to you, we have achieved so much for our community and our health:

  • Physician coverage of Acute and Long-term Care at SPH has improved;
  • Shoreline Medical Brentwood; a new clinic space was renovated and opened (February 2019);
  • Shoreline Medical Sidney; renovations almost complete, greatly expanding the clinic space to accommodate new physicians and walk-in clinic (the only one in Sidney);
  • The Sidney Youth Clinic on Thursdays was opened;
  • Three new doctors are coming to Sidney over the next four months;
  • Two doctors, planning to retire in the next three years, have joined Shoreline Sidney. Their patients will be cared for after the doctors retire and replacements are recruited;
  • We continue the search for a third clinic site, near the hospital;
  • More peninsula residents now have family physicians, our hospital physician program is working, and the walk-in clinic in Sidney has expanded.

Here at the Foundation we work hard to ensure that your donations accomplish great things. Your support has helped to transform life for many in our community.
While donations have had an enormous impact on the hospital, the impact of donations is even greater than building facilities and purchasing equipment.

  • We continue to provide professional development opportunities to all staff, with special attention paid to ensure Palliative Care and Extended Care staff have access to the end-of-life courses they need to upgrade their skills.
  • In the face of declining numbers of doctors to care for Acute Care patients, we (with the help of one very generous donor) created an incentive program to attract general practice physicians from the community back to hospital-based medicine.
  • We hold hospital staff appreciation events, and assist with volunteer appreciation events, to let these two groups know how much we value both their skills and their caring attitudes.

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