Our hospital workers need to hear how important they are to our community.

We’re asking you to send your messages of thanks and appreciation to the healthcare workers and other staff at the Saanich Peninsula Hospital. They need to feel your support. We’re coming through an unprecedented period of stress and uncertainty. The amazing team at SPH have continued to come into work every day to take care of us when we need them most.

Not so long ago we saw people take to the streets to bang pots and pans and cheer for essential workers – those same workers are still performing the same essential roles. Please use the form below to share a message that shows how much you value and appreciate them.

We’ll make sure that all the people who work at SPH get to read these messages, and feel the love and support that we know our community has for them.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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Thank you to everyone at SPH – you are #healthcare heroes!

Thank you to the amazing team at SPH for showing up and caring for us when we need you most!

Our Hospital Heroes

In spite of the personal risk and heightened stress caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, the staff at SPH come to work every day, ready to take care of us when we need them most. Every department plays a vital role in keeping the public safe and providing good care.

Thank you for everything you do, from all of us at the Foundation, and from our grateful community of donors and supporters.

Messages of love from our community

  • Thank you to all the staff in the Emergency on the morning of March 6th. The care I received was fantastic, in and out in 2.5 hours. You are all heroes. And our little gem of a hospital would not be what it is without you all. - L T
  • Had a procedure at SPH yesterday....the staff were absolutely wonderful and so cheerful... can't say thank you enough to all I had contact with. In these difficult times you were all amazing!!! Again, thanks! – C B
  • Thanks to all the amazing health care workers, we have always found everyone to be helpful, cheerful & professional in their work. These past few years have been a challenge. – C C
  • I am in deep appreciation of all the Hospital staff, including technicians, nurses and cleaners, who were working tirelessly through the waves of Covid and the influx of patients. My heartfelt thank you to all the staff of Saanich Peninsula Hospital. – A L
  • A little note to express our continued thanks for all that you do to make Saanich Peninsula Hospital such a caring, supportive place. – D and V
  • My husband was in your care in late 2022. We were so fortunate that SPH was close to our home after the ambulance picked him up. The staff at SPH were amazing and so kind to not only him but myself as well. He still goes to SPH for his routine blood work which is amazing!! We are all so lucky to have wonderful caring people like you when we need them xox Thanks – K F
  • Your hard work and dedication made my husband's stay in Palliative Care bearable. You truly are heroes. Thank you ❤❤ – J R
  • I was very impressed when I went to SanPen in November. Thank you for your care and your response to my problem. It’s the first time I’ve been to a hospital in 47 years. Again, thank you. – E S
  • The nurses and doctors continually go above and beyond. They could not do their job without the dedication of the Lab workers and those staff who show up every day no matter what their day brings. If u know a Lab worker give them a big hug for their services. – H G
  • We know we never say "Thank You" often enough, but we really do appreciate all you do for us. 'Thank You" and take a moment to think of yourselves. – B H
  • Thank You for all You Do! – D A
  • To all the wonderful staff at our fabulous Saan Penn. We appreciate you, and think of you every single day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for our community! – B S
  • We have such an amazing relationship with the team at SPH. Thank you for all you do in ensuring our families get the information they need. Working together makes all the difference in long term care especially during these times. Thank you all for going above and beyond. From our front line workers to yours...we appreciate you.
    – S at Sidney All Care
  • Thanks to all the staff at the long term care units staff at SPH during the COVID outbreak. Appreciate all you do during this particularly stressful time. – C M
  • Hello and a Huge Hug of Gratitude to all the staff at SanPen! I was admitted in March 2020. I'm afraid I was not the easiest patient to deal with and for that I apologize. I have three sisters who are nurses, and they make terrible patients too. Our mother was a nurse, a cousin who is a doctor, and being so medically minded, we all understand the other side of the coin, where you are all there for our benefit when we needed you, and for that we are forever grateful. From the kitchen staff, the nursing staff, the doctors, and all the other support people caring for so many in the peninsula area, we are all so grateful. Thank you all!!! May 2022 be a great year for us all!! – P T
  • I very much appreciate our local hospital and the staff. You definitely are Heroes Thank you for being there for us… – V G
  • I cannot begin to express the depth of my appreciation to the health care workers who supported and cared for my husband at end of life. They were tired, overwhelmed by Covid, staff shortages, anti vaxxers, and yet they worked tirelessly and with great compassion and dedication to see us both through this difficult period. I am forever indebted to them and the VIHA facilities. – J R
  • You are all stars in my universe. We couldn't have got through this pandemic without the commitment and courage that has been displayed by all healthcare workers, and we thank you so much for being there! – C M
  • It is not possible for you to know how much you are appreciated..words alone mean little. In my heart I am so grateful to every single one of you for the incredible contribution you make to life on the Peninsula. Big hugs to you all, – B H
  • We want to express our gratitude and thanks to all of you who make such a great effort in caring for our health needs at Saan Penn! We are especially thankful for all your extra effort in dealing with Covid 19!! Thank you so very, very much!!! – B and J
  • So grateful for every one of you who daily & nightly show up to clean and care for the buildings, cook and serve the meals, organize and manage and all the other essential services that keep a hospital running efficiently and for every Nurse and Doctor and other professionals directly supporting the patients. You all deserve a standing ovation! – J W
  • If you’re among friends, it’s not bragging to say you provide superb care! And you do so now, and consistently over the years. Heartfelt kudos for all you do! – M and P
  • Thank you for your bravery and courage during this extremely difficult time. You will always be heroes to me. – L A
  • Thank you to all the staff at SPH. You are not only our HEROES but you are our special ANGELS who work tirelessly to care for us, provide for us and show compassion, understanding and bravery during these tumultuous times. We salute you! – J C
  • Your care and support of Mom while in hospital was incredible and greatly appreciated. – D N
  • The wonderful staff has always been there for my family and myself in so many ways over the years. What a terrible time you are still working through, whoever would have thought it. My thoughts are with you all,to keep safe. All who are in healthcare are true heroes. My hearty thanks. – E E
  • Thank you for your dedication during times of uncertainty, for your ability to put your patients first, and for providing much needed care and caring for our population on the Peninsula. – L B
  • Bless you all. With sincere thanks from – D and K
  • To all of the Staff who work so hard and are committed to helping each and every patient for whatever they need. You are special. When I needed you, and my wife was in Palliative for an extended period of time, you were there. – D B
  • I cannot say enough Good Things about the helpfulness of all levels of staff at SPH. I have been in and out of there many times for my immediate family and also on the telephone trying to get information. Sometimes it is hard realizing how stressed and busy and fatigued people are when I am trying to sort circumstances out. More often than not people have been helpful, friendly, and do make the effort to respond. Even with the waits I have appreciated the check-ins on the fly. I am proud of Saanich Peninsula Hospital doing its best to be a community support health service. I am also so proud of the many employees that I know from the Peninsula. Most recently I appreciated the kindnesses and compassion for my dear mom, and now for my brothers as they deal with health situations. Kind Attention and Compassion goes a long way during long waits or in times of stress and worry. – – M U
  • This is a particularly difficult time for all of those giving your time, effort and compassion to the increased number of patients who are seriously ill due to this virus. I know many people are saying "thank you" in different ways to healthcare workers during this crisis. I wanted to share my mother's story to let you know how grateful we were that you have been able to care for those with the virus, plus with those patients whose needs are different. I cannot imagine how tired and burnt out you must feel. I wish there were better ways we could help you in this, but please don't forget that your actions mean so much to the families of those you care for.

    My mother passed away in July 2020, not from the virus. She was 95 years old and in the end, cancer took her from me. Many times in the last five years of her life, the SanPen ER and hospital were so kind and helpful in getting her back home as soon as possible.

    The Palliative Care group made it possible for her to pass away in her home (as she had wanted), instead of taking up a hospital bed needed for those with the virus. They went above and beyond to give us about a month more of time that was pain-free as possible. Their care allowed her to pass away as she had hoped -- at home, looking at the view she treasured of the ocean while the sun came up. I don't think she was conscious at that specific moment, but in the last weeks she was so grateful, knowing their efforts would mean she could be in her own home with me by her side.

    I hope that all of you know how much of a beacon of hope you have been -- and continue to be -- for anyone who needs medical help. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the care you gave to my mother and the gentleness of her passing that your actions ensured.
    – F K

  • Saying thank you is not enough for the job that all of our Health Care workers do. You need to know how much you are appreciated, and I wish you all an easy end to this year and all the best for the next year to all of you. Thank you. – G G
  • A sincere thanks to all who work at Saanich Peninsula Hospital. Thank you for your constant care. My heart & thanks goes out to all of you who work tirelessly taking care of all the folks who come to our hospital in this community , keeping the hospital open and functioning ! Thank you! – R L
  • Just a note to say thank you for the work you do every day to keep us safe and healthy. As a retired nurse I know how stressful a medical career can be in the best of times…these are the worst of times and you continue to do your jobs with empathy and professionalism...good job!! – L A
  • As a retired LPN I tip my cap to you all and give my heartfelt thanks for all you do. – D A
  • Thank you all so very much for all you’ve done to look after us throughout this extraordinarily difficult time! Please know how much you are appreciated. – S C
  • Thank you all for hanging in, caring and working extra hard in this difficult chapter of our lives. It doesn't go unnoticed! – L J
  • Each of you gives above and beyond. Including the non-medical staff. Thank you! – B H
  • Thank you for being strong & committed in the face of this pandemic. You have made sacrifices at home to care for others. You have resolved to do the right thing by your fellow Canadians, when there are those who choose not to honour you in the same way. Thank you for all that you do for us. – G A
  • I have had nothing but the best care when I've visited. Thank you all for the exemplary service. – H D
  • Thank you for all that you do for our community - taking time from your families to look after ours! – M H
  • Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made and for taking care of our community! Much love, – The T family
  • Thank you to ALL the health care workers on the front lines and those who are behind the scene. – C G
  • Sept 21- 1ish- big thanks to the kind nurse/staffer at ED entrance who helped immensely with my husband. She was an angel in a tense few minutes!! – N W
  • Thank you to all Health Care workers for your dedication, strength, compassion and kindness during this very difficult situation that you find yourselves in. Know that you are deeply appreciated, and have my utmost respect in all you do and continue to do. Be well, be safe. Thank you. – G G
  • Thank you to all the SPH Healthcare Workers for looking after all of us these past 18 months. – C C
  • Thanks so much for all you do. Please know that each and every one of you are so very appreciated. – L N

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